60 Minutes, 3-10 person room, Hard Difficulty

Gambler's Gambit

You only have an hour to steal what ever you can carry out of the vault at this gaming club!

Gambler's Gambit

60 Minutes, 3-10 person room, Medium Difficulty

Ski Lodge

When in Flag, do as they do!

Escape Rooms - Escape Rooms Flagstaff
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Come experience intricate rooms and exciting puzzles with your family, friends, or colleagues, while you work together to obtain your goal before the time runs out! Find yourself immersed in the story while you take on different puzzles and challenges that are sure to offer a unique and fun experience for all ages. Will you beat the blizzard at the Ski Lodge or will you hit the jackpot in Gamblers Gambit? Book now and find out today!

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We also offer great gifts for those that are closest to you!

Cryptic Case

Now offering your escape to-go! Take home one of our multiple escape themes that are ready to play from the comfort of your couch! You can play on your own or assemble a team to take on incredible creatures and fantastic adventures - all you need is your smart-device! Available for purchase before or after your experience at any of our valley locations or stop in-store to learn more!

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Escape Rooms Flagstaff

1800 S. Milton Rd #13

Flagstaff, AZ 86001


Email: info@escaperoomsflagstaff.com

Hours: 10am -9pm      Monday-Sunday